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We offer a yacht rental in the Caribbean that you would not find in conventional charter companies offers.

First of all, the yacht crew looks after your comfort which means that you do not have to participate in controlling the yacht unless you yourself want to. The same applies after anchoring, while, for example, you are swimming in the sea, we are preparing refreshments for you. (During your holiday we take care of your meals - breakfasts and dinners - HB.)

You can choose the sailing route yourself. Another advantage is that you arrange everything directly with the yacht's captain who will gladly help you find the best cruise plan.

We offer a standard 14 day cruise starting from Martinique (see more in Cruise Options section). Based on a personal agreement there may be shorter or longer cruises - from one day to indefinitely long ones.

Of course we will adapt the cruise according to your preferences. The Caribbean has a lot to offer to everyone - from comfortable sailing in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, snorkeling over coral reefs, fishing, kite boarding, scuba diving or trips into the jungle to lazing on beautiful deserted beaches ... and much more ...





16 Dec 2023

Winter in Caribbean...


Photo of our yacht