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Each cruise is individually designed on the client´s wish. Each cruise is different and directly tailored to the customer. You communicate directly with us and, based on your wishes, we suggest the most pleasant solution so that you can enjoy the cruise. We can sail around the world if you have enough time. But if you do not want to worry about coming up with the route, we can offer you two standard ones - southern or northern route.

Our ship´s base is in Martinique in the marina of Le Marin, only 30 km from the Fort de France airport. Martinique is well accessible from Europe (flying here from Paris are Air France, Corsair, Air Caribe, XL Airways airlines...). When booking well in advance there is a possibility to board on the islands of St. Maarten, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia or Grenada. When agreed upon we can also offer one-way cruises such as St. Maarten - Martinique.

Below you can read the information on the main cruises. These cruises start from the island of Martinique and also finish in Martinique. The cruises take 14 days.


Southern Route

Islands you can visit:

Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenadine Islands (Bequia, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island, Tobago Cays archipelago)

Southern route is a very popular option for all tourists who want to see the most of the Caribbean in an undemanding way. You will have the opportunity to personally try and discover what the Caribbean has to offer - from the classic "catalogue” white beaches to trips into the jungle and to a volcano. And it's only up to you where you choose to spend most of your time.


St. Lucia

It is a separate island where you can make three major stops. The first one is Rodney Bay, a small town in the north of the island which offers long sandy beaches and tourist industry similar to our European - shopping centers, a plethora of bars and restaurants designed in every imaginable style. (We definitely recommend visiting Steak House where you can have a two-pound steak).

The second stop is the picturesque bay of Marigot Bay, beach and bars, obviously.

Last stop is the town of Souferiere, anchoring in a nature reserve, right under the Pitons (two summits, the landmark and symbol of the island). The town can be your starting point for various trips – demanding or not. The most undemanding ones definitely include visits to the nearby waterfall, sulfur pools, volcano (the guide takes you there in a car), visits to the botanical gardens, a minibus day trip around the island which will show you the beauty of the island. For the adventurous trippers it is possible to organize a hike to Piton.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

These islands belong together in terms of administration but otherwise they differ.

Saint Vincent is the largest of these islands and its origin is volcanic. It is an excellent starting point for trips into the inland. Hike the volcano. Visit unique botanical garden. Take a trip around the island in a minibus. Use the opportunity to visit the Walliabou bay where some scenes from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed.

Grenadine islands offer the Caribbean as about everyone imagines it. Small islands with picturesque white beaches and clear water are a must. But here you will find much more - from the beautiful snorkeling to kite surfing to trips to the turtle farm.

For example, there is a turtle farm located on the island of Bequia which is easily accessible on the deck of the excursion truck which will also take you across the whole island. Bequia is one of the larger islets so if you want to go shopping (souvenirs, fruit, alcohol), be sure to pay a visit here. If, for example, you want to dive, you'll find a fully equipped dive center where they will lend you all the equipment and its divemaster will take you to the destination (indeed well equipped dive centers can be found on most of larger islands).

The islet of Mayreau is definitely worth mentioning. Salt Wistle Bay offers a quiet anchorage near the beautiful white-sand beach and if you cross a narrow isthmus along the beach, you will get to the Atlantic side of the island. This beach is perfect for kite surfing. We recommend visiting Black Boy bar and taste local specialties (lobsters on the grill).

Tobago Cays archipelago is a nature reserve where, on the individual islands, you can see wild iguanas, giant sea turtles, and last but not least, coral reefs where you will not resist some snorkelling. Kite surfing is also an option here.


Of course, we don´t mention all the stops where we anchore during our cruise here. We adapt the cruise to you and your wishes.




Northern Route


Islands you can visit:
Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Les Saintes, Monserrat, St.Maarten / St.Martin


Right at the beginning the cruise north offers two nice stops in Martinique. Bay Grande Anse d'Arlet will be our first, you'll find clean water where you can see giant turtles and enjoy snorkeling and beautiful beaches with nice bars. The second stop is the town of St.Pierre, which is located on the northern coast of Martinique. The town of Saint Pierre was originally the capital of Martinique, but in 1902 Mont Pelée volcano erupted and destroyed the town. You can now visit a museum dedicated to this disaster, walk through the town which is now full of life again, or visit a rum producing distillery Depaz, or hike the volcano.



Dominica is probably the greenest island of the Caribbean. The Dominicans are proud of the fact that the island has 365 rivers, thus one for every single day. Dominica has high mountains covered with jungle where it often rains. Countryside is beautiful and offers really plenty of opportunities for a trip. Visiting waterfalls, the second largest boiling lake in the world, a hamlet of Carib - native people´s settlement, or even a trip to see whales are just a few of many options you have. We will anchor near the capital Roseau, which is in the south, and the town of Portsmouth, which is in the north. These two moorings will offer you an ideal starting point for all excursions.


Guadeloupe and Les Saintes

The island of Guadeloupe, which by its shape and color resembles a beautiful green butterfly, is, together with the islands of Les Saintes, definitely worth a visit. We can anchor in Basse-Terre or Pointe a Pitre, both places are a shopping paradise. Les Saintes, formed by 8 islets, lies about 10 km from the coast of Guadeloupe and are a place for a relief from the bustle of the island of Guadeloupe.



A volcano erupted on this island in 1997 and a large part of the island was destroyed. The inhabitants were evacuated even before the eruption. Just the mere cruise around the shores of the island where you can see buried houses makes a very strong impression. The island is divided into three parts-enabled – disabled - disabled, where passage is allowed only with a police escort. We recommend going on a trip around the island.


Saint Maarten / Sint Martin

The island is divided into two parts - the Dutch and the French. Both offer a plethora of activities - beaches, bars, shopping. Tourism is the largest contribution to the island's economy, people are aware of that and so they take a proper care of their guests. Worth a visit is the town of Marigot, the capital of the French part and Simpson Bay, which is located near the airport with a unique runway, separated from the beach by about a ten-meter strip. When standing on the beach, pilots wave to you out of the window. And a lot more.






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